MOSAIC is a new podcast with audio stories covering a wide range of topics, from entertainment and popular culture to faith and religion.

My name is Derrick Clements, and I am the creator of MOSAIC. Over the past eight years or so, I created The Pixar Podcast and the live storytelling show The Porch, I was an intern at the public radio show Radiolab, and I’ve worked as an entertainment reporter at a daily newspaper. I’ve collected stories of all kinds and interviewed some really interesting people.

From that work so far, I’ve built a pretty sizable archive of interviews and stories — many of which have never been released. I also have a lot of new stories I want to tell and people I want to talk to. So, I’m combining all my interests — everything from entertainment and popular culture to faith and religion — and making this new show. Think of it as a mosaic of different pieces of sound that, together, add up to a single coherent (and complicated) full picture.

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Derrick Clements lives in New York City. Find more of his work here.