Mormons + Disney = ❤️

The influence of the Walt Disney company on Mormonism is real — and the reverse is also true, with Mormons having played significant roles at the company going back to its very beginning. 

What is it about Disney culture that makes it so compatible with Mormon culture? Or is it the other way around? And is that a golden Moroni on top of Cinderella’s castle?

Turns out, taking a close look at the relationship between Disney and Mormonism offers an opportunity to understand each one in deeper ways.

On today’s episode:

“Make Way for BYU” (00:00-39:55) — A parody song goes viral in this story by Derrick Clements in which the relationship between the Walt Disney company and Mormonism is interrogated.

“The Heart of the Mother” (39:55-01:23:30) — A conversation with Rachel Hunt Steenblik on her poems about Heavenly Mother, including one poem inspired by “Moana.” Why has the topic of the divine feminine been a controversial one in Mormon culture? And what might its recent resurgence have to do with contemporary political concerns?

“Live From Orlando” (01:23:30-01:30:14) — A performance by America’s Choir, live from the happiest place on earth.

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