Preview: #MormonMeToo

 Courtesy of Mormon Newsroom Courtesy of Mormon Newsroom

The next episode of Mosaic will cover how the #MeToo movement has reached Mormonism.

McKenna Denson will join the podcast to discuss her recorded conversation with Joseph Bishop in which he admitted to sexual misconduct with multiple women. Denson has accused Bishop of raping her at the Missionary Training Center while she was a missionary and he was the MTC president.

The story will also feature Jessica Lowder, Sam Young, Lindsay Hansen Park, Gina Colvin and others in a multi-episode series.

Look for the first episode in the series to drop starting on May 23.

UPDATE (May 25): Still hard at work producing the first episode of this series. It’s a complex story with a lot of pieces. Need just a little more time!

2 thoughts on “Preview: #MormonMeToo

  1. I’m so incredibly grateful that you are doing this! I started the #MormonMeToo page on Facebook and Twitter, and I am personally grateful for any and all attention directed toward this very important part of the #MeToo movement!
    My interest in all of this, in addition to my background as a former member of the LDS Church, began with Sam Young and his #ProtectLDSChildren movement. I felt like #MormonMeToo was a natural connective fiber to all of these issues, and felt that getting the hashtag out in the world was an important step, even before brave McKenna came out with her story. I am proud to say that I am friends with her on Facebook now, and I’m doing my best to cheer her on from afar!
    Thank you for what you’re doing,Kat Brooks


  2. I remember the shock of hearing there was a dossier on McKenna’s daughter, Jessica. As an adoptive mother through lds family services I was sickened to learn they used the information available through the agency in a dossier to try and discrediting McKenna. I applaud Jessica and McKenna’s response though, shows they are people of integrity. Jessica mentions in the short soundbite/ advertisement for this podcast that her sister notified her that she was listed on a dossier. What dossier did her sister see and from where? Every dossier I have seen online is redacted. Did the church want Jessica to make any statements against McKenna or anything else?


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