Season One Update

Hey there, Derrick here. I just got finished writing out a long list of to-do items, and I wanted to give you an update on where things stand with season one of the podcast.

As I mentioned on Twitter recently (@mosaicpodcast if you want to follow) I recently moved from Houston to New York City, where my partner Katie is working on a graduate degree in social work. Since moving here, I have been spending most of my time chasing down work as a freelance audio producer like our lives depend on it.

Given this new life situation, it has taken some figuring to be able to get back to making new podcast episodes and putting them out into the world.

Well, I’ve come up with a way forward, although either my math is faulty, or I may be my own victim of a pyramid scheme, because this new plan actually involves getting more episodes out than I originally planned when I started. But I’m excited about this new plan, and I think it’s going to work.

The initial idea of Mosaic was that each episode would be a mashup of several different stories. Then, after the first season wrapped, I would take a long break before hopefully being able to release a season two.

Going forward, I’m going to introduce shorter episodes. Sometimes shows will contain multiple segments, like before, but other times an episode may have just one story. This will mean I’m going to sort of abandon the idea of a long break between seasons. Even the idea of seasons itself will become less meaningful with this change. When a story is finished, you’ll hear it.

As long as I’m able to find enough work to support myself while I work on new episodes, I’m hoping there won’t be too many long stretches without new stories in the feed.

So Derrick, are you saying that the episodes will be more frequent and shorter? Wait, both of those things sound like improvements!

The reality is, Mosaic has already evolved quite a bit from the original idea I started with. It’s kind of funny — the season one trailer that I released just a few months ago has ended up bearing very little resemblance to what the podcast has shaped up to be so far. I was originally going to draw mostly from my archive of stories and interviews I’ve done over the past decade, and not a lot of original reporting.

But then I learned about McKenna Denson’s story, and I felt a strong pull to cover #MormonMeToo with the depth and complexity that is possible in an audio documentary format. So my plans had to change early on, and original reporting had to be done in that case.

Whatever comes through the Mosaic episode feed, whether old or new, will be delivered with all my care and love, and I am grateful to anyone who listens.

Oh, and about those teased things…

Also. I teased two things in the last episode. First, I mentioned that Part 3 of the #MormonMeToo series would broaden out the subject matter from what I had covered so far. Second, I mentioned that before that would be released, I had another thing I couldn’t wait to release first.

So, two updates.

That “other thing” is still coming. And it’s really special. I’m not quite done with it yet. In fact, I’m planning on releasing something else before it because it is more time-sensitive. But you should expect this special episode soon, like some time between the next two major holidays.

As for Part 3 of #MormonMeToo, given the new structure of the show, I’m rethinking the best ways to present the material I have gathered on the subject, as well as other reporting that I hope to be able to do in the future.

You may have heard the voice of Sam Young in that tease of Part 3 — well, he’s had a whole epic story of his own since the episode was released, including his excommunication from the LDS Church. Oh, and it’s not called the LDS Church anymore. Anyway a lot has changed, and I want to make sure whatever I release to this feed has had the care and thoughtfulness it needs to really tell the story right.

So while “Part 3” may or may not happen, the material is still coming, along with a lot of other stories I’m excited about.

But in the meanwhile, others are covering #MormonMeToo with a ton of depth that I strongly recommend you check out. Gina Colvin has had some incredible interviews on her podcast A Thoughtful Faith, the group Unrighteous Dominion has shared many news stories and personal stories that are worth reading, and Lee Hale at KUER has had a number of worthwhile radio pieces to come out on the subject as well.

Oh, and if you aren’t yet listening to Joanna Brooks’ new podcast American Beauty, you absolutely must. It’s brilliant, essential listening for our historical moment.

I’m a Patreon subscriber. Where are my rewards?

For those who have contributed on Patreon or in any other waythank you! You literally make it possible for me to make this show. And you have rewards coming. I said I would get to them after season one, and now that I’ve low-key blown up the idea of distinct seasons, is that a clever way of getting out of getting you what’s yours?

No! Your rewards will come very soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t become a Patreon subscriber, please consider supporting the show with a one-time donation or with a Patreon subscription.


More episodes are coming soon, including shorter ones, and in a slightly different order than originally planned. No more long break planned after season one. Thank you to all who listen to Mosaic!

By the way, if you want to hire me for your audio producing, engineering or editing needs, please get in touch!

Talk to you soon,